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21 Fév
21 février 2016

Dear All,

After 13 years building and developing Act One, my consulting agency dedicated to collaborative innovation, I am about to join Google on May 31st. Ghislaine, the children and I are going to move for this to Mountain View, California, where I will be “Experience Designer” with Google for Work. That is the part of Google which handles all the technologies useful in a working environment: Gmail, Drive, Chrome, Android, etc.

Ghislaine has been dreaming, for as long as I have known her, to live and work in America on digital nutrition and health, while the children will find there an opportunity to blossom in a double culture. As for myself, my work will be to anticipate and influence the impact of the new technologies developped by Google’s R&D so as to design, prior to their launch, experiences that demonstrate in a concrete and thrilling way how they are about to change the world.

These last days, several among our closest relatives and friends who knew about this project have wondered why we decided, Ghislaine and I, to leave successful careers and the bliss of parisian life. So yes, we are going to risk everything, and this is why.

Going to America is not about technology to us. It’s about love.

Everyone must have understood, by now, that there is no way we can fight bombs with other bombs, and eventually win a war on terror with tools that create terror. The only sustainable answer to those who kill to divide people is to unite people in peace. Not only during their leisures, when they naturally find the comfort of common values among friends, but also 10 hours a day, 300 days a year, in the working environment where they spend most of their adult lives and struggle among strangers to change the reality in which we live.

Every human organization has a mission that eventually contributes to make a better world and technology, as we see it Ghislaine and I, enables them to reach their goals in mutual understanding and peace. We care for people to share emotions, tastes, data, concepts, contracts, methods, feelings, achievements and dreams so as to feel closer to each other, however far apart they are in distance, culture, beliefs or any other element of their identity. To fully understand our perspective on this, please remember that we met on the Internet 8 years ago, and are today surrounded by beauty and love…

Ghislaine dreams of doing this by gathering them around good food, good wine and good conversation, while leveraging the benefits of technology and the latest findings in nutrition. As for me, the experiences I design with Act One already, and that I am about to take to the next level with Google, are meant to make people collaborate in ways that make them discover each other’s ideas in real time and complete transparency with pleasure, pride and a deep sense of togetherness every time they get a chance to interact on Google for Work.

Eventually, we hope and believe our efforts in America will make people around the world understand and care for each other a little bit more, whether it is at their table dining or at work collaborating. This endeavour is entrusted to us, not by a boss or a client, but by our children. May we not fail them, and never forget why we do this. Because this is not about technology to us, it’s about love.

Kindest regards,

Ghislaine & Brice

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  1. Tom Rose says:

    Congratulations, Brice. We were in San Miguel with your parents when the offer of this plum job was taking final shape. Your spirit of adventure and enterprise is squarely in the American tradition.
    Our son, Nicolas Rose, who works in Private Equity and who is a French & US citizen said he’d like to make your acquaintance. His cell is 0608 664711.
    Tom Rose


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